This website is designed to acquaint you with a highly successful, award winning program that has inspired and excited kids in small towns in Northern California since 1997.


Would you like to help motivate children to read, while building their genuine self-esteem and having fun?  Then you’ve come to the right place.

Saluting New Readers (SNR) is a fun, exciting, and - most importantly - simple program to help inspire and encourage all young readers, 1st thru 5th grades.

Since starting the program in 1997, we’ve had phenomenal success in getting kids excited and pumped-up about reading.  How do we do it?  Using low budget TV, we make reading and readers a BIG DEAL!

We don't teach students how to read. Rather, we provide a month long experience that builds intrinsic motivation for reading. As every teacher knows, motivation is important and necessary for skills to develop successfully. These days, with many other activities that are more attractive to kids, it's necessary to consider new ideas when attracting kids to reading.  

Using just a simple video camera, a tripod, and a big helping of enthusiasm, we show new readers that reading is celebrated and supported.  We salute new readers!

Approximately 1600 students (about 100 classes) have been "stars" in this low budget reality TV program, as of 2010, and many career teachers have done it repeatedly, year after year.

SNR is a program that needs committed, enthusiastic persons willing to volunteer their time in schools to show students that learning to read is a reason to celebrate.  SNR doesn’t take a lot of time, or a lot of money, or even a lot of technical know-how... but it does take a desire to help (and a love of books and kids certainly doesn’t hurt). I want to train people to do what I've been doing successfully for 13 years.

I believe there are many retired seniors who are searching for meaning in their lives and want to still be useful by making a significant contribution to the growth of children in their neighborhood schools. These dedicated volunteers will become future producers of these special videos. SNR is a fun, impact-full,  unique program that offers a powerful opportunity to bring excitement and new life to stagnating seniors.

I've laid a valuable, unique "egg". Will you help me "hatch" it?


Welcome to Saluting New Readers

- Jerry Martin
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